MTJ Paint and Body Shop Miami Fl - Miami, Florida

Dirección: 4510 NW 32nd Ave, Miami, FL 33142.
Teléfono: 56321914.
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Especialidades: Taller de chapa y pintura, Servicio de chapa y pintura, Servicio de restauración de automóviles, Taller de automóviles, Servicio de remolque.
Otros datos de interés: Se identifica como empresario veterano, Se identifica como mujer empresaria, Ofrece asistencia en otros idiomas, Entrada accesible para personas en silla de ruedas, Estacionamiento accesible para personas en silla de ruedas, Sanitarios accesibles para personas en silla de ruedas, Sanitario, Taller mecánico, Amigable con LGBTQ+, Se recomienda concertar cita, Pagos con dispositivos móviles mediante NFC, Tarjetas de débito, Tarjetas de crédito.
Opiniones: Esta empresa tiene 985 valoraciones según Google My Business.
Opinión media: 4.7/5.

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MTJ Paint and Body Shop Miami Fl 4510 NW 32nd Ave, Miami, FL 33142

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El MTJ Paint and Body Shop Miami Fl se encuentra ubicado en la dirección 4510 NW 32nd Ave, Miami, FL 33142. Este taller de chapa y pintura es liderado por un empresario veterano y una mujer empresaria, lo que lo hace destacar en el mercado. Además, el personal del lugar puede asistirte en diferentes idiomas, lo que facilita la comunicación y la atención a sus clientes.

Entre los servicios que ofrece el MTJ Paint and Body Shop Miami Fl se encuentran el taller de chapa y pintura, servicio de chapa y pintura, servicio de restauración de automóviles, taller de automóviles, y servicio de remolque. Todos estos servicios están diseñados para brindar soluciones integrales a los problemas mecánicos de tu vehículo.

El taller es accesible para personas en silla de ruedas, cuenta con estacionamiento y sanitarios accesibles para este grupo poblacional. Además, ofrece una amplia gama de opciones de pago, desde pagos con dispositivos móviles mediante NFC, tarjetas de débito, y tarjetas de crédito.

El MTJ Paint and Body Shop Miami Fl cuenta con una opinión media de 4.7/5, según 985 valoraciones en Google My Business. Estas opiniones reflejan la calidad del servicio y la satisfacción de los clientes.

Si estás buscando un taller de confianza y calidad en Miami Fl, el MTJ Paint and Body Shop Miami Fl es una excelente opción. Se recomienda concertar cita previa para asegurar la atención oportuna y la revisión de tu vehículo.

Opiniones de MTJ Paint and Body Shop Miami Fl

MTJ Paint and Body Shop Miami Fl - Miami, Florida
Natalia Aviman

I had an accident on the passenger side door and the entire door had to be replaced. My main concern was to get the car repaired rather quickly as I didn’t have any other means of getting around with my kids. The body shop ordered the door right away and helping with handling the Insurance and supplements and etc: they were very compassionate about my situation. The car was promised on Thursday and I got a call Monday afternoon that it was ready. I was so happy. They did an amazing job, the car was like brand new. Thank you to all the staff!!!

MTJ Paint and Body Shop Miami Fl - Miami, Florida
Paola Ariza

Posting this on behalf of my brother. "This has been the WORST body shop I've ever dealt with. They had my truck for 2 months and still managed to return it incomplete! They were quick to cash the checks from my insurance company but consistently gave me the runaround about work being completed on my truck. They kept saying parts were hard to find, but I'd easily find them online. Then they made excuses about not having the right key to work with, but they never called me to ask me for another key. The work itself was garbage: they took off the panel to my back driver side door which was not at all affected by accident, they replaced my front bumper with the wrong part, and left my truck without fog lights (aside from other small missing parts and screws)! They also left a ton of trash in the bed of my truck! WHY?!!!! I had to take my truck to another body shop and spend more money to fix the mistakes from this shop. If you care at all about your sanity and your vehicle, DO NOT TAKE YOUR VEHICLE HERE! Very unprofessional, full of excuses, and trash work."
Bonus points for the condescending reply from the shop, "To better educate you on the auto industry"... for anyone wondering, these are basic parts that were available and fixed elsewhere 2 days after taking the truck out of this dump. DO NOT TRUST THIS SHOP!

MTJ Paint and Body Shop Miami Fl - Miami, Florida
Jorge Reyes

Armando is the best honestly. I need something looked and instantly he and his crew helped me out. Hands down the best service in Miami!

Received my truck after getting into a mild accident. Honestly, the best work I’ve seen out of a body shop in a while. Super knowledgeable and attentive staff. Every step of the way I was informed about what was going on with my truck. Thank you to MTJ paint and body shop for the amazing work and professionalism.

MTJ Paint and Body Shop Miami Fl - Miami, Florida
Nicole Lawrenson

My experience with MTJ Paint Body Shop in Miami was nothing short of phenomenal, and I owe it all to Armando and his team! I flew into Miami for the weekend and accidentally scuffed my friend's car from Gainesville. Panicked and desperate to fix it before she left on Sunday, I reached out to several other shops in the area, but none could accommodate my urgent request over the weekend.

Then, I called MTJ Paint Body Shop and explained my situation to Armando. Not only did he understand the urgency, but he also went above and beyond to help me out. Despite the rush, they managed to squeeze me in and completed the repair in record time. Armando even ensured that the pricing was reasonable, considering the circumstances.

The quality of their work was truly immaculate; you wouldn't even know there was a scratch! But what truly set them apart was their exceptional customer service. The manager (Colombian), who was super friendly, not only gave me a ride back but also picked me up when the car was ready. This level of care and attention made the entire process smooth and hassle-free.

Thanks to MTJ Paint Body Shop, I was able to return my friend's car the same day, in perfect condition. Their expertise, efficiency, and affordability make them stand out in the crowd. If you ever find yourself in need of automotive repair services in Miami, look no further than MTJ Paint Body Shop. Armando and his team will take care of you like family!

MTJ Paint and Body Shop Miami Fl - Miami, Florida

First, i made mistakes with this place for not checking the reviews since they mostly all fake and they have good reason for it

I’ve scheduled two weeks before dropping off my car, for a week no progress on the car

Ive claimed also besides the scratch i have a flat tire

The entire time of back and fourth to get status of the car both the secretary and the worker there was ignoring my car

Finally after two weeks the car is “ready”
I see a flat tire
Paint job is terribly done
The mercedew emglem is crooked
The amg and model letters are been taking off and the interior full of dust
They are extremely UNPROFESSIONAL
Now i need to wait probably another week to bring adjuster to confirm a flat tire

MTJ Paint and Body Shop Miami Fl - Miami, Florida
R London

My car has been in their shop for more than 1 month. They have not fixed it. Instead they just told me to pay them $1300 for a diagnostic they completed on the car but still cannot provide me with a total amount due for repairs to be done. I’ve called them 7 times today and nobody has picked up the phone. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this place and have no idea how their rating is so high

MTJ Paint and Body Shop Miami Fl - Miami, Florida
Kerry Thimot

MTJ Auto Body is the best!! This is a truly a family first body shop and I couldn’t be more happy with their work. I have been frantically trying to repair my Tesla Model Y 2022 and I had no luck before I heard about this shop! They answered the phone at 1AM!! I was shocked! They were very courteous and knowledgeable! They have excellent customer and they had my car looking like I had never seen! Repairs were great, they kept me in the loop throughout the process and they even did more than what I had asked! I am truly thankful for their impressive work and the quality of their work! Don’t even think twice this is the place to get your car repaired and TO MY TESLA OWNERS PLEASE GET YOUR TESLA REPAIRED HERE THEY HAVE TAKEN THE STRESS OUT OF REPAIRING TESLA!! This is the #1 professional auto body shop in Miami and they really know their craft!!

MTJ Paint and Body Shop Miami Fl - Miami, Florida
Kevin Hodge

First, I was probably the most annoying customer for this team. For over a week I told them id show up with the car and parts and never did due to urgent circumstances. They never showed frustration and were very flexible. They got the work done very fast and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I had to replace my bumper, the lip and my splash shield. I’m glad I chose this shop.